Technological fabrics

Flexibility, elasticity and durability are only some of the dynamic characteristics of the fabrics we use. Materials are carefully developed using the best technologies available on the market today and are turned into superb products thanks to our knowledge and experience.


A very functional, aerodynamic and super-elastic fabric that feels like a second skin. Easy to wash and quick-drying. Offers resistance against moulds and odours.

Lycra du pont

A high quality, elastic type of textile for skating outfits, which guarantees optimum comfort. Following the instructions accurately guarantees loads of skating pleasure.


An elastic fabric made from polyester filament microfibre threads. Windproof, water repellent, very breathable, light and supple, stretch fabric and easy maintenance.Ideal for use as a windbreaker on the inside of skating jackets.


Windblock is a light elastic fabric which maintains the body temperature and protects against wind and rain.

Airtex (Cycling Shirts)


This fabric was developed by Bio-Racer/Hunter themselves. It keeps your body dry and provides a comfortable feeling during physical exertion. Additional advantages:

  • quickly wicks away sweat
  • increased air permeability
  • absorbs very little moisture
  • extra softness prevents skin irritations
  • machine washable and quick-drying
  • offers resistance against moulds and odours



A new variety of textile which combines mono-elastic properties (with a positive effect on the fit of the shirt) to an exceptional removal of perspiration. Furthermore the fabric feels soft and pleasant to the touch.

Cool Light 100 (Cycling Shirts)

Bioracer developed a lightweight cycling jersey for the Olympic road and mountain bike races and World Championships, which is worn by both the Belgium and the Dutch national teams. 

With success! Because various Olympic medals and world titles have already been won in this shirt. The fabric which is incorporated into these jerseys, is Cool Light 100, an extremely light variety of Coolmax. Micro-perforations create a larger breathable surface and allow the manufacture of shirts weighing less than 100 grams. No less than 70% lighter than a normal cycling jersey!



Due to the insulating effect of the thread, the body is kept extra warm. A roughened layer of Thermastat on the inside increases this effect. It breathes very well, with quick wicking action as a result. The polyester surface is quick-drying and super-sturdy.


The thread of Isolation has an insulating effect which keeps the body extra warm. High breathable capacity so that the perspiration is removed faster. The polyester surface is quickly dry and feels soft and pleasant to the touch.

Winter Windblock

For really cold weather, a garment with Winter Windblock-quality is recommended. A system with 3 layers protects the body from cold and wind. The innermost layer is 100% polyester. The fleece membrane offers excellent protection from cold and rain and also breathes well. The top layer not only retains its shape and is colourfast; it also provides the insulation needed on cold days.

Temperature Control

This elastic fleece is extremely suitable for chilly to even cold days. The roughened inside provides excellent insulation and through the use of
polyamide threads the regulation of fluid is optimal. 


Functionality and comfort complement each other in this fabric. This so called fleece-fabric is made with microfine trevira polyester threads.


  • warm
  • moisture transporting and regulating
  • light to wear
  • easy to maintain


The microfibre that ensures well-being and performance while respecting your health and that of your world. 
Aquafil research has created Dryarn®, the innovative polypropylene microfibre with a very high level of performance. An innovative technological product because equally resistant, light,insulating and transpirant as well as being hygienic, comfortable and ecological. A very stable fabric, which does not change its shape unlike conventional fabrics. For long-lasting wearability, always in form. Moreover, Dryarn® does not absorb humidity and dries surprisingly quickly. All to the advantage of physical comfort, giving the skin a pleasant fresh and dry sensation.

Active Soft/Hydrofit

No information available.


Vuelta is a technical two-way stretch fabric with teaseling that is especially pleasing to the touch.

The teaselling process creates a protective cushion that transforms Vueltainto a great thermal insulator for the body. This, added to its optimal breathability, make it suitable for athlete’s garments produced for demanding aerobic sports, where natural sweat evaporation and freedom of movements are of the essence.

It has been also certified LYCRA® Sport: it assures elongation, perfect fit and recovery power. Vuelta is a performance fabric, designed to support athletes and active people in their sporting activities.

Thanks to its exceptional resistance to pilling and abrasion, Vuelta guarantees prolonged use.




Droptex technology integrates a windproof membrane within the three laminated fleece fabric making the soft fleece water repellent and windproof.


Gelanots is the name of the unique product made by Toyota - pore-free hydrophilic membrane. Due to its qualities the membrane is used for production of fabric intended for sport clothing (most frequently, the membrane is laminated on the inner side of the fabric).

The main function of the sport clothing membrane is to ensure that evaporated sweat passes out through the membrane and outer moisture does not get inside. In other words – to ensure that the membrane user does not “steam up“ from the inside and does not get wet from the outside.


DSM’s UHMWPE fiber, branded as Dyneema®, is extremely strong and durable yet lightweight, flexible and cool to the touch – the ideal combination for applications such as high protective cycle clothing.

Super Roubaix

This elastic fabric is extremely suitable for chilly to even cold days. The roughened inside provides excellent insulation and through the use of polyamide threads the regulation of fluid is optimal.

Aerocoat (Rubber)

One hundredth of a second can make the difference between winning and losing in a skating competition. That is why Hunter uses AEROCOAT, or rubber material for its professional competitive skating outfits. This is a very aerodynamic coating, whose structure is equal to that of carbon fibre. This ultra-modern coating/fabric also stimulates muscle compression. This makes it possible to sustain intensive exertion for a longer period of time. 


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