Clothing features

Aerodynamic or comfortable, water resistant or breathing, man or woman... All skating wear by Hunter has a particular set of features that determine the objective and and look & feel of a garment to a significant degree. All these features are presented by Hunter via a pictogram. All of our features are presented to you here.



Hunter has developed clothing with an aerodynamic cut for optimum performance. This fit is applied in all our Elite clothing and professional skating outfits.

Athletic fit

Clothing with an athletic fit has a tight, competition oriented cut.

Comfort fit

The comfort fit was developed to offer maximum comfort to skaters that primarily enjoy non-competitive skating events and skating around on the ice rinks.

4 way stretch

A textile's elasticity is one of the main determinants of the freedom of movement, fit and comfort of a garment. 4 way stretch textiles are often used for skate suits, have the same elasticity in all directions and therefore ensure perfect support.

Anti bacterial

Various textiles have been treated in order to counteract the spreading of bacteria and the associated smells. This is done by treating them with silver ions, or by weaving a silver thread into the fabric.


The body heat produced during exercise must be dissipated even in cooler circumstances. Breathable fabrics dissipate surplus heat but do not let cold air or moisture in.

2 way breathable

One of the characteristics of functional sports wear is ventilation and the dissipation of heat. Sports wear for summer is made from textiles which let cool air enter while they dissipate hot air.

High visibility

These garments are available in a fluorescing colour, giving additional visibility in the dark.


Skating in the dark can be dangerous. To increase skaters’ safety, Hunter has applied reflecting logos and strips.

UV protection

Fibres which protect against dangerous UV-rays are used in these textiles.

Fast drying

The body must be cooled under summery conditions. Our Fast Drying range has been developed with the use of materials which cool the body faster by allowing quicker evaporation of moisture.


The use of lightweight textiles makes these items ultralight and also gives a comfortable feel.


The cut of this garment is specifically designed for men.


This garment has a cut adapted to the female form.


Waterproof gear, designed to be worn during rain and showers.

Water repellent

A water repelling layer has been applied to the textiles used, or they have been impregnated with a water repellent emulsion.


Especially for rainy weather, Hunter has developed clothing that protects the wearer during light rainfall. This clothing offers lighter protection than heavy duty raingear and breathes better.


This garment has been made with a completely waterproof type of textile.


This clothing has a windproof layer. It is perfect for cold and windy conditions.

Warm weather

These garments are at their best when temperatures rise. The materials are lighter, dissipate heat quicker and let perspiration dissipate fast. Suitable for temperatures from 20°C.

Temp control


Maintenance of body temperature is important while you’re skating. The materials used for these garments ensure good insulation and by using polyamide threads, the moisture regulation is optimum.

Cold weather

This sports wear is designed to be used in temperatures below 5°C.

Summer Clothing

In order to keep the body cool it is important to wear clothing which quickly lets perspiration evaporate under warm conditions

Winter Clothing


At (very) low temperatures, it is important to wear skating garments that will keep the body heat in and that protect you from the cold.


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