Inline Skating

When it comes to top athletes and maximum performance, it’s the details that count. Hunter has been developing team wear for over 25 years in collaboration with top athletes. Through the vision and experience of the finest athletes we are able to make clothing for peak performance. We believe that bodyfit clothing, comfort and quality is as important as the use of the finest materials, the finish and, of course, the design. That’s because even with making clothes, it all comes down to the details.

Hunter Sportswear is the proud supplier of these highly successful skating teams: Team, Team Bam-Univé and Team Belgium. Through this partnership we are able to continually optimize our team wear as well as extend these innovations througout our clothing lines. Hunter (skate) clothing is therefore developed and produced in collaboration with top athletes. However, this does not mean that our team clothing is only intended for top athletes. Because, with Hunter, we strive to make high-quality team wear for every enthusiastic sportsperson who endeavors to deliver his or her own unique top performance.


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