Thermo Waist Zipper Pants

Technical featuresART.NO. 55298

Functies Cold weather
  Comfort fit
  Temp control
  Winter Clothing
MATERIAAL Temperature Control


Classic zipper pants without suspenders to be used while warming-up for the competition. The zipper pants is made of Temp Control stretch fabric. As a result the zipper pants are very elastic, dimensionally stable and moisture conveying, as well as highly insulating. The fully devisable zip on both sides and the lack of suspenders ensures that, for a competition, the zipper pants are easy to take off without the need of putting them over the skates.

The zipper pants is available in multiple patterns, so that there is an optimal uniformity with the (already existing) house style of the association, club of team. Depending on this information, a selection is made for a zipper pants with side panel sublimation or a thermo zipper pants that is entirely sublimated.


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