Skating Jacket Warming-up Transotex

Technical featuresART.NO. 51630

Functies Breathable
  Cold weather
  Comfort fit
  Summer Clothing
  Temp control
  Winter Clothing
MATERIAAL Transotex/Thermastat


Robust skating jacket for teams, clubs and associations that train on ice rinks. The skating jacket is made of the textile Transotex, which has a high iinsulating function. The Thermastat fabric fibres on the inside of the jacket are roughened so that the insulating effect is enhanced and the body temperature always remains pleasant. The ventilating property of the fabric ensures that the perspiration is quickly discharged, which keeps the extremely strong polyester fabric of the skating jacket thoroughly dry. Fitted with three rear pockets and a zip pocket in which valuable items can be stored.   

Possibilities are virtually unlimited in terms of colour and design.


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