Mach Rubber Skating Suit

Technical featuresART.NO. 16208

Functies Aerofit
MATERIAAL Aerocoat (Rubber),Caro,Lycra du pont


The ultimate competition suit for maximum performance. This so-called rubber suit is built up of various materials that are both technical and tested in wind tunnels in order to acquire the best aerodynamics and therefore minimum aerodynamic drag. In addition, the use of rubber-coated materials on certain body parts provide muscle support, which saves energy while skating. Sizing is individually based on the height, arm and leg length, as well as the weight of the skater.

The colour selection and design of this competition skating suit is always made in consultation with Hunter. This is because of the special pattern and the coated rubber materials which are not available in all the colours. The technology implemented in this skating suit is identical to the competition suits of the top teams, Bam-Univé and Team Belgium with amongst others Bart Swings.


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