Marathonrace Groningen

Posted on 19 december 2014
Marathonrace Groningen

Generale marathonpeloton


Tomorrow in Groningen already the eleventh stage of the KPN Marathon Cup race for the marathon season will start. The competition serves as a dress rehearsal for the National Championships Marathon on the fourth of January.


The marathon skaters who will start next Saturday have a busy schedule. Before the national marathon races there will be the final of the mass start competition. The last start and standings in the mass start competition is very exciting. Not only the first winners of this new competition will get their well-deserved prizes. It also will become clear which skaters qualify for the National Championships mass start in January.


After training camps and many longtrack races is seems the marathon peloton is netx Saturday again at full strength. Marathon skaters such as Jorrit Bergsma and Arjan Stroetinga are expected at the start after weeks of absence

Programma Groningen

Dames B starttijd 17.00u
Dames A starttijd 17.15u
Heren B starttijd 18.00u
Heren A starttijd 18.15u

19.00 uur Dames - 70
20.15 uur Top Divisie - 125
21.30 uur 1e Divisie - 100