Mulder wins his medal

Posted on 14 november 2014
Mulder wins his medal

Inline Skater Michel Mulder has won a bronze medal in the 500 meters world championship in the Argentine Rosario. He finished third behind the Spaniard Fernandez and the Colombian Causil.


When Mulder decided to participate in the World Championships Inline Skating in Rosario he got mixed reactions. Other world class skaters  such as Bart Swings, did not.
Mulder: "I combine both sports for years and I am successful in both.I have to choose between a world championship or a World Cup. I choose a world championship. That’s normal right?”


With his bronze medal Mulder got his success. In the 500 meters Mulder already had a lot of successes on Inline Skates and in Rosario he repeated that 'trick'.


In the tournament Mulder is not ready yet. Today he will race the relay with his Dutch teammates. There Dutch team, with Horsten, Ter Haar and Mulder wants a medal.

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