Contin rewarded for hard work

Posted on 10 november 2014
Contin rewarded for hard work

The Frenchman Alexis Contin Is World Champion 1000 meters Inline-Skating.. In a  thrilling finale he won the gold after his silver medal on the first day in Argentina.

He did not touch his ice skates when there was ice in many places in around Europe No Alexis Contin opted deliberately for inline skating. Inline skating, that’s what he like the most. During the Euro’s in Geisingen he had an exceptionally high level and became European Champion Now in Argentina he seems to be one step better. In the 15 kilometers elimination race he took silver and he won in a phenomenal way the thousand meters.


Contin took his win by having a good start. With two laps to go he took the lead and he stayed in front until the finish. Thanks to the good work of his teammate Fernandez, Fernandez himself was clever enough to get second. In this form Contin certainly seems capable of winning even more medals.


Hunter Sportswear provided the entire French team of skating suits. The golden medal in the 1000 meters was achieved in the fast Speedmaster.