Van der Werff proud

Posted on 06 november 2014
Van der Werff proud

Bo van der Werff was one of the surprises during national championship last weekend in Heerenveen. The sprint talent from the Afterpay-team became third overall and qualified, together with her teammates Anice Das en Floor van den Brandt, for the first world cup races this season.


A brief conversation with the sprint talent:

You surprised the speedskating world with your third place, how do you explain this success?


I think this success is explained mainly because we have a very strong team with a very good trainer who directs us. We have trained hard all summer and the beauty of our team is that everyone wants to make each other better. This makes us all stronger. There are many different personalities in our team and Dennis van der Gun (trainer) makes of all this individual skaters a really strong team. There is a very good atmosphere and our sponsor Afterpay also helps here.They are very enthusiastic and that makes us excited again.

I personally improved my technique and balance this summer a lot and I am very happy that results in this great result.


Did you see this coming?

I knew we worked hard all summer and I felt strong in the first races this year. But I did not expect I would become third and as a team we would qualify with three skaters for the first world cup races.


What are your goals for the first World Cup races?

It's cool to be able to measure up against the rest of the world. I am very excited to see how that works out. And ofcourse I want to become faster.


What are your goals rest of the season?

First my main goal is to get good results in the upcoming world cup races. Then in January we have the sprint nationals. That is a realy important race for our team.