Marathon Cup Heerenveen

Posted on 24 oktober 2014
Marathon Cup Heerenveen

This weekend the marathon peloton will skate in Thialf Heerenveen. Last weekend the team of Jillert Anema ruled the peloton en took the whole podium. Are the teams of Anema able to dominate again?

In preparation for the marathon tomorrow the top team of Anema skated a long track race this afternoon in Heerenveen over 3 kilometres. The times were not spectacular. Jorrit Bergsma was the fastest in a time of 3.47,14.

Tomorrow the distance is a little bit longer. The men will race in a marathon of 125 laps. The woman will do 70 laps. Will it be like last week with a really good performance of the teams of Anema? Or will the peloton work together to beat them?


19.00 uur Dames – 70
20.00 uur Top Divisie – 125
21.30 uur 1e Divisie – 100