Jorien ter Mors World Champion Sprint

Posted on 05 maart 2018
Jorien ter Mors World Champion Sprint

Jorien ter Mors became in Chinese Changchun world champion sprint last Sunday. The skater of Team AfterPay is the first European world champion since Jenny Wolff in 2008 and the first Dutch winner since Marianne Timmer in 2004.


With a Dutch flag carried by the Games in South Korea on her shoulders, Ter Mors celebrated her world title. "I thought: maybe he will come in handy." Despite her foresight, she had not taken into count the cancellation of Nao Kodaira just before the final distance. The Japanese, who had a small lead over Ter Mors in the rankings, had fallen ill during the tournament. "That made it a little easier for me, but I would have had a chance if I had skated against Kodaira, maybe that gave the title extra shine, but I am also very happy with it."


Ter Mors  suffered a disease in December and missed Olympic qualification on the 1500 meters. That disappointment has now been washed away with gold (1000 meters long track) and bronze (redemption short track) at the Olympic Games and the World Sprint Championships.

"It's amazing that after the Games, she also wins the World Championship", coach Dennis van der Gun said. "Too bad Kodaira went out, she would have liked to have skated her."

Letitia de Jong, the Dutch champion sprint of Team AfterPay, finished eighth. The Frisian had that mainly due to two nice 1000 meters. "Technically, it was not a good race, unfortunately, but I fought for a good classification and if you had told me at the beginning of the season that I would be eighth at the World Championship sprint, I would not have believed that."