Swings wins in Berlin for the fifth time in a row

Posted on 25 september 2017
Swings wins in Berlin for the fifth time in a row

Belgian Bart Swings of World Team Powerslide has won the world's largest inline marathon for the fifth consecutive time. Swings did this as always by choosing the attack and left  the Spaniard Patxi Peula behind in the finale kilometer.


For years, the marathon in Berlin has been the absolute highlight of the inline season. In the German capital, the best marathon skaters appear and more than five thousand skaters take part. Under beautiful conditions, all participants have to complete the marathon distance right through the heart of Berlin. Everyone wants to win, but nobody seems to be able to to do something about the supremacy of Swings in recent years. In a time of 58 minutes and 42 seconds, Swings also remained far below the hour. However, it was not a trackrecord. After Swings, Spaniard Peula came second in the finish. German Felix Rhijnen, also Powerslide team, became third.


In the ladies the Argentinian skaters dominated. Arias triumphed in front of Berbel. Sandrine Tas from Team Powerslide became third.



BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inlineskating Newsclip 2017 from SCC EVENTS on Vimeo.