World Inline Speedskating Championship about to start

Posted on 02 september 2017
World Inline Speedskating Championship about to start
Tomorrow 9:00 local time the World Inline Championshis wil start in Chinese Nanjing. The Netherlands are in the tournament in Asia with a weakened team, but many other countries are coming in full strength. Strong countries like Belgium, France and Germany are Skating in Suitsportswear suits.
In the Netherlands, there seems to be little attention to the world championships. This may also be because the expectations are not too high. World class skaters like Michel Mulder, Ronald Mulder and Crisijn Ariëns are not in the tournament because of the ice season and Manon Kamminga of Team Powerslide, who is still European champion on the marathon, has stopped.
Time difference
In Nanjing it is six hours later than in the Netherlands. Tonight at 3:00 Dutch the first race wil start. At 17:00 local time and therefore at 11:00 Dutch time the first finals are on the program.