Inline season ready to start

Posted on 27 maart 2017
Inline season ready to start

It's spring, so the start of the Inline season is not far away. In German Berlin next Sunday t the first real international showdown of the season is on the program. The half marathon of Berlin, part of the German Inline Cup, is often the season opening and in terms of occupation and participation one of the major marathon races this season.


The marathon is downtown Berlin and along the topskaters there will be a lot of recreational skaters. Among the participants this season, the last year's winner Gary Hekman. The skater from the team of Bont won last year's final sprint and is determined to do that again this year. "There are some strong teams on the starting line every year, so it will not be easy. It will be my first race of the season, so it's always wait and see where you stand after a long and harsh winter. The foreign participants often skated much more and that is a good advantage. "


In the women race last year's Belgian Sandrine Tas from the team Powerslide won the race. Bag, like Hekman in the Speedmaster Hunter Sportswear, also belongs now to the favorites.


36. Berliner Halbmarathon Inlineskating für Profis und Freizeitskater from SCC EVENTS on Vimeo.