"We are ready for the World Championships"

Posted on 17 maart 2017

After the World championships shorttrack this year in the Netherlands next year the world championships inline will follow next year. For the first time in history, the world's best skaters will fight in the Netherlands for the world titles. Manon Kamminga thinks the  Netherlands are ready.


After a few times a European Championship in the Netherlands next year the small country will host the World championships of inline skating. A tournament with the track races in Heerde and road races plus the marathon in Arnhem. The Dutch top skaters responded happy about the announcement of the tournament, so too Manon Kamminga from the World Team Powerslide. "Yes this is great and we are ready for it. I think we as a country have demonstrated several times that we can organize such a big tournament like a European Championship, so why not the World Cup? "


Home track

Kamminga is happy with the European Championships in her own country and will also thinks this is e great benefit. "We now have much time to make the track to our own. We must know every centimetre, every correct line. We really need to live the track.” Kamminga thinks the atmosphere during a tournament at 'home' is also different. "I won several times a gold medal at the European Championships in the Netherlands and I can this is really special. Your focus is different and the will to win is even bigger. With all that crowd along the side."


Kamminga wants first and foremost also perform next year during the World Cup. "I'm going for the win, I want to make proud Netherlands and put the sport on the map. That's the goal. "