Mission Statement

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The development, design and production of skate clothing for optimum performance.


Because details can often make the difference in top sporting events and greatly enhance sporting performance, Hunter has been developing sportswear in collaboration with top athletes since the late nineteen eighties. By benefitting from the vision and experience of the best athletes we are able to make clothing designed for peak performance. Body fitting, comfort and quality are just as important as using the best materials, finest workmanship, and innovative design. Even when making clothing, it all comes down to the details. However, this does not mean that our clothing is intended only for top athletes. With Hunter we strive to make high-quality team clothing for every enthusiastic sportsperson who endeavors to deliver their own unique (maximum) performance.   

Core Values


Hunter is synonymous with passion. We are passionate about skating, about innovation, about design, and about customer satisfaction. We are proud of our products. Each fabric is scientifically tested for biomechanical properties. With each new design we strive to surpass the last. Our customers are passionate about their sport. They want to excel and push their boundaries. With Hunter Sportswear you are well prepared for maximum performance.


From the beginning, many top skaters have used our innovative, functional and stylish skate clothing. Hunter is a quality brand. With us, quality and functionality always comes first, however, design is also an important element in the overall picture. Your choice of clothing is, after all, the business calling card of your team, club or company. Every customer is unique. For each customer his or her design is unique, and it’s the delivery that counts. We also feel that way. Every order is a promise that we must honor. We strive for your complete satisfaction so that you may spread the word about our company and our products. Don’t leave anything to chance at your next sporting event, choose Hunter. 


You are paying for a product, but at the same time you are buying a promise and a service. Technical innovative clothing requires professional advice beforehand, an appropriate design, and meticulous communication. And yes, sometimes things do go wrong, despite the best intentions. But even then you can count on us. We have the best people in the field who are accessible and available. This is our guarantee. 



Through the acquisition of Hunter by Bio-Racer as well as developments since 2011, Hunter is firmly in the pole position. Bio-Racer is the market leader in the field of sublimated cycling clothing in the Benelux. This is partly due to innovativion. That’s because biomechanical insights are still evolving every day. Textile innovation is on the rise. Clothing techniques are improving dramatically. That’s why Bio-Racer/Hunter is working with all major textile producers and several leading colleges and universities at home and abroad. Tests are done in the world renowned wind tunnels of the FES Institute and Delft. Through this collaboration, Hunter strives to be a trendsetter in its field.


With Hunter You’re 100% prepared.